Happy New Year!

So people talk a lot about resolutions.  What will I do differently in the new year?  How can I be better, smarter, fitter, stronger, richer? For me, this year will be more about how can I be more grounded; more focused on what really matters. Maybe a little less focused on those failed past years resolutions and concentrating more on the beauty of the day-to-day.  Maybe stop putting on all those expectations of achievement and just blissfully enjoying the here and now.  It sure has taken me a long time to get there.

Concord Hill Farm has been the love child of this new mantra.  Stop and enjoy the beauty of simplicity.  Relish in the creativity that exists within us all.  Combine an appreciation for artistry with a passion for science.  Dream big while pragmatically realizing it's ok to stay small.  And most importantly, share your good fortune.  Give back.  

We are living in strange times, for that, there is no doubt.  The world is changing and sometimes the very Earth we walk on feels shaky.  Education, employment, communication,  consumerism.... may never be the same.  And maybe that's ok.  Maybe it's a chance to stop and smell the candles... so to speak.  

I want to thank all of you for your support this year.  Our inaugural start in the soapmaking business was way beyond expectation.  And none of that would have happened without all of you.  There will be new products and expansions planned for 2022 and well as continuing those customer favorites.  As always, please drop a line, send a note.  We relish your feedback and comments.  Some of the best ideas for products have come from customers.  

We want to continue our "Soap 4 Hope" give back program.  This year we donated soap sale proceeds to the Boston Children's Heart Fund, The Trevor Project, and The Susan G. Komen Fight Against Breast Cancer.  I hope to extend this into more local programs and causes.  Please reach out if you are involved with a cause looking for support.  Maybe we can help.

Above anything, have a very safe and happy new year.  My wish is for 2022 to bring you peace and joy, health and happiness.   

We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet                                                                                

For auld lang syne.





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