Not quite that time of year...but,

but to soapmakers, it's the maddening holiday rush as we start to prepare for the season.  You may notice that Concord Hill is at its lowest inventory point since our inception.  And we aren't complaining.  Sales have been vigorous thanks to several large market events.  Just know that we are furiously crafting and restocking in time for the holiday season and will have all of your favorites posted soon.  As always, we will update where we will be appearing at various seasonal markets and craft fairs so you can see and smell the products in person.  

Just to add a side note, I also recently became a certified soapmaker through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild.  The HSCG sets the industry standard for good manufacturing processes and conducting business in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. In addition, the organization is committed to supporting sustainable practices and reducing plastic waste.  A practice that is something we at Concord Hill remain strongly committed to abiding by in both sales and manufacturing.  The process of achieving certification encourages and promotes the highest professional standards among handcrafted soap, cosmetic, and candle makers.

Our primary mission is your satisfaction.  We will strive to offer only the finest handcrafted products made from ethically sourced luxury ingredients.  We encourage your feedback and comments!  Our customers remain our greatest source of inspiration.

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