Pricing update

To our valued customers,

As you are all aware, we are facing unprecedented supply chain challenges in almost every industry.  We at Concord Hill Farm have not been immune to this test of our financial stability.  Many of our ingredients have doubled and even tripled in cost, and despite local sourcing, competitive negotiation, bulk purchasing, we have seen inflated costs in every aspect of our business.

While we promise to make every effort to keep prices from rising, the increase in freight and raw materials has left us with no choice but to raise prices on some of our products.  To help offset some of the changes, we encourage you to take advantage of  incentives for bulk purchases such as 20% off all handcrafted soap purchases over $40.  

Concord Hill Farm will continue to offer only premium, sustainable, handcrafted products to meet our highest standards and your expectation.  We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and continued support and will continue to work hard to ensure that our customer base is impacted as minimally as possible.  

Warmest regards,




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