Six Small Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is an opportunity for reflection on how we can all reduce our carbon footprint by simply choosing eco-friendly products.  Think about the difference is would make if everyone made change in their habits just for today! On average, we create 4.9 lbs of solid municipal waste per person per day. And while the United States is home to just 4.3% of the world's population, it generates 30% of its trash.  

Using handcrafted soap is just one way consumers can make a difference.  

1. Natural soaps are biodegradable.  The ingredients are sustainable, many even locally produced.

2.  They don't contain triclosan, parabens, phthalates, sulfates etc., which won't wash down your drain and eventually end up in your drinking water.

3. Detergents aren't added to boost lather or create bubbles.

4. They don't contain microbeads like those frequently found in liquid body washes.  These microbeads are small plastics that eventually make their way into rivers and oceans.

5. Simple kraftpaper packaging is recyclable and doesn't lead to further plastic waste cluttering landfills.

6. Buying locally reduces fuel consumption and air pollution, benefits the local economy, and supports your neighborhood business.

The transformative power of one small change is limitless.  


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